March 7, 2011

[Competition] Weaving Love, Creating "Hope" - Product Design Competition

Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

Arts & Culture

Competition Brief

Design a product to Wrap the World with Hope made with a check fabric
This competition will focus on the importance of social business, defined as a cause-driven business. "Grameen Felissimo", a joint social business launched in February 2011 with the Yunus Centre, led by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, would contribute to the future generations of Bangladesh by providing employment to their people, particularly to the most disadvantaged, while enhancing the unique traditional culture and artisanship.
About the Competition
This competition is intended to bring the power of design into action, by injecting an element of excitement to the product line and thereby expanding their market outside their own village and country.
This competition asks you to design a product using a check patterned fabric.
  1. We look for breakthrough ideas that will symbolize the new level of modernity and sophistication for this industry, without limitation to the product category.
  2. The product, as is or folded, has to fit into a box of 23cm×29cm×36cm (approx. 9"×11"×14").
  3. You may use any existing check pattern.
If you are also entering in the "Hope" check pattern design competition, you may use the same check pattern, although it does not increase your odds of winning; remember this is a product design competition.
You may submit up to 6 images of:
  1. Overall image of the product
  2. Details of the design
  3. Different colorways and variations, if desired
Please include up to 400-word description of your design. Entries that direct users away from the DESIGN21 website will be disqualified. See "How To Enter" Rules for full details on file type, size and number constraints and recommendations.

Judging Criteria

Judging criteria specific to this competition are:
  • Overall effectiveness: How well the design matches the theme and express the concept.
  • Creativity: How original and new the design is
  • Practicality: How successfully and easily can the design be put into production
  • Ecological viewpoint: How well does the design respond to environmental concerns in terms of production techniques, reusability, recyclability, etc?
The judges' decisions are final.


US$3000 will be awarded to the Winner. More than one Winner may be selected, and each Winner will receive $3,000. All rights associated with the design will be transferred to DESIGN21:Social Design Network and Felissimo.
The winning design(s) will be introduced by Grameen Felissimo, crediting the designer(s). They will be produced and sold by Grameen Felissimo, using as much of the production capabilities Bangladesh as possible.
Judges may elect to name one or more Runners-up and award US$500 as Juror's Pick prize.
The Most Popular from public voting will receive recognition on the website, with no monetary prize.


To be comprised of representatives of DESIGN21 Advisory Board and Grameen Felissimo.
Application Closes: March 31, 2011 at 05:59PM UTC
Public Voting: April 05, 2011 to April 12, 2011 at 05:59PM UTC
Results Announcement: April 25, 2011 at 06:00PM UTC

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